Thursday, November 23, 2006

sidebar no longer where it belongs?

okay, this post is going to require a response, esp. from you PC users! i was horrified to find my dad asking why all the "stuff" that used to be on the side of my blog is now on the bottom.

i looked on this computer and indeed, my sidebar is no longer where it should be!! on my mac it looks fine so now i need to figure out if is a pc-mac thing or certain browsers or what.

if you have a pc, and you noticed a few weeks ago the format changed, can you please e-mail me ( let me know if you are mac or pc, what brower you use, and which version it is (this one, for example is uh, actually, i don't know how to find it on a pc at the moment, but 5.0, etc. and if you're on a PC and it looks fine, if you could let me know as well, it would be really helpful.

thanks! and sorry if you've been dealing with icky formatting. if you see anything like that in the future, please do let me know asap and i'll try to have it fixed.

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