Sunday, November 05, 2006

nyc marathon today!

i've resisted the urge to keep sleeping and i'm getting ready to have brunch with euroskip at his friend's that lives on the marathon route in w'burg. she's got a balcony so we can watch the leaders on tv then just hop out to see the elite men. i've never seen the leaders - ramon said we will hate them because they make it look so easy.

then there is a team in training group meeting at 120th and 1st avenue which is mile 19.5 . i might head up there after brunch. and then my favorite spot is on 5th avenue right around the last few miles. this is where people really need cheers, and i plan on going hoarse doing so.

if you're in ny, go out and cheer! and cheer extra hard for those purple jersey's - those are our fall season tnt teammates! i'll have pics later!

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