Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Days 39 - 45: Home away from home

Despite the whirlwind trip of work and visiting with pals and generally not being as well behaved as I am in Cali, I managed to get all my runs in, which I was pretty proud of myself for.

Wednesday morning after our decadent dinner I managed to make it out for a run along the east river. It wasn't too cold, and the sun was shining. The city is *filthy* at the moment - I forgot how dirty it is between snow melts. No one picks up their dog poop in the snow for some reason, and as the snow melts it reveals little poopy landmines to be avoided. The garbage hasn't been picked up on a regular schedule and piles of it crowd the street. It's gross!

I ran again Friday & Saturday mornings on the East River. Since I've been gone the promenade was finished and it is lovely! Saturday morning there were so many runners out it felt like there was a race on.

Saturday my best friend from college surprised me and we had brunch in the city, then Saturday night the Park Slope crew got together for dinner. When I come into town, we gather at Giuseppina's for a delicious dinner of too much pizza and reasonably priced vino!

This was good fuel for my 6 mile run in prospect park.  We were out a little late so it took me a little while to get on the road after eating breakfast and waking up - about 2pm in fact. But once I was out there it went really well. I had a great run despite the hills that I am no longer very accustomed to.

Monday was an off day but I had a terrible night's sleep last night (woke up at 3am and so skipped this morning in exchange for some catch up zzzzzz. And now I'm flying west, very excited to be going back home.

Day 39: 3.5 miles
Day 41: 3.4 miles
Day 42: 3.1 miles
Day 43: 6.0 miles
season mileage to date: 80.5 miles

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