Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 38 - New York, New York

The idea of an early flight is always a good one - leave early, wake up on NYC time so in theory you can combat jet lag, arrive early, have a little bit of the day when you land, etc.

But then the reality sets in the night before that you need to wake up at 4:30am and the sadness begins. 

K I'll stop whining about being sleepy. I should have run yesterday, but went on a little hike instead and, continuing the meh week I've been having, broke my phone face so needed to go get it fixed during the time I might have been running. 

So after a day on the plane, and before a dinner at my friend's restaurant, I had to get a run in. It is actually not terribly cold compared to what everyone says it's been like here so I really really haven't a right to complain. I suited up and headed east. The sidewalk was slick and full of people, so pretty annoying until I got to the river. 

Once I got out there though it was pretty nice to be back in the old stomping ground. It was a tiny bit sketchy (don't worry mom! i'm fine!) running over there at night, but there were a few other runners out so I wasn't the only crazy person out there.

The assignment was to run 40 minutes with warm up - I went slightly faster on the way back so shorted myself a minute or two, but felt good especially given how tired I was. Now, for dinner with the ladies at Corkbuzz - an awesome little wine bar with awesome food and really great classes like pairings with take-out! Perhaps I will carbo-load with some delicious pasta for tomorrow's run...which is definitely going to be hard tomorrow morning since I just ran this evening.

today's run:  3.4 miles
season mileage to date: 64.5 miles

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