Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 34: Fighting the good fight

After my run yesterday, my cold got the better of me again and I went to bed early feeling stuffed up, coughing and sniffling my way to sleep.

I could sort of breathe when I got up and the sun was too inviting so after getting a few things out of the way I headed out for a :30.

I started off nice and easy trying to keep my pace back for both my legs and lungs sake. I was trucking along not thinking much about my pace because I was feeling good, and breathing easy even with the cold. I think the sunshine supercharged my legs, because I both got to my turn around spot 30 seconds faster than yesterday and also ran the 2nd 1/2 faster than the first, managing to tack on another .2 miles.

I know I know I've got to slow down but I am not feeling crazy at the end of these runs. I'm going to talk to my coach more about it this weekend, but I'll actually make it to practice as long as I continue to fight this cold / beat it by the time Sunday rolls around.

today's run:  2.9 miles
season mileage to date: 56.2 miles

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