Monday, February 03, 2014

Our 11-week schedule

Today is an off-day which is great considering Superbowl madness (Sorry Denver...well, not really.)

I've been meaning to share the training schedule with you - the one I've been freaking out about.  It takes us to 16 miles in 11 weeks! So our weekday runs are mainly by time and then Sunday long runs by mileage. I'm trying to compartmentalize and not look at the 16 just sitting towards the end of that calendar. I don't remember it going that fast! But that is probably wishful thinking...after all, my first marathon season was over six months, and not to mention 7 (WHAT!?) ago so I probably just have nostalgic memories of it.

I'm kind of intrigued, because there is a full 7 weeks after this schedule before the marathon. And if we're running 16 - 20s for 7 weeks before the race...which is I guess where this schedule will go...assuming I don't break my legs, my time should be pretty sweet.

I think I'll talk to the coaches as we get going and see if they think I should go a little more slowly or if I should go for it. We shall see!

Week 1 - 11

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