Saturday, February 01, 2014

Day 23: Against the wind

This week is kiiiiiilling me. Travel. Lots of meetings. Peeps from NYC in town.

Then Thursday we had an event downtown that was a bit on the late side so I decided to leave my car at the Standard and ride home with friends.  Half way home, I swore vehemently out loud. I had left my house keys with the car keys...with the Valet.

So luckily my friend Casey took me in for the night and even luckier we're similar sizes in clothing and feet so I didn't have to have a total walk of shame look going in to the office Friday morning. But I was still thrown a bit and yesterday was one of the longest days in a long while. I was beat.

Since I missed a day or two of running I dragged myself out of bed not too early, but early enough for a Saturday to hit the beach path.

My pacing was all over the place. I started off too fast, so tried to steady it. Then it was super windy and that wind was coming from the North so for the first half of my run it was in my face, and I felt like it was very slow going. But by the time I turned around I fell into what felt like a good pace, and the second half went easy enough. I was running by time again, and I knew by the time I got to the path I was running faster than normal because I still had a minute to go.  I grabbed coffee and when I got home noticed I had what I call "red exercise face" - and found I had been running 10:20s. Too. Speedy.

Practice starts tomorrow but I think I need to run on my own - I'm having a little superbowl gathering and I have to cook and my house is kind of a disaster. Yay. So a three mile solo it is then.

today's run:  2.9 miles
season mileage to date: 34.8 miles

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