Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 20: Back to the beach

I was soooooo exhausted this morning when I got up. Our flight was delayed last night due to LAX being fogged in and

I guess it was all the travel and Portland fun but man was I dragging. It definitely took me twice as long to get ready to run this morning - I was bumbling and stumbling round the house, digging out my gear from my bag, chugging some water and trying to get a move on. We had a busy day of work ahead and I was losing time.

The schedule (post to follow) has us mainly running by time during the week then by mile for our long runs. So today's run was to be 30 minutes.  I knew roughly where to turn around to approximate 30 minutes and then just kept an eye on my watch.

I was slow and steady compared to the last time I ran the route but that was fine. I took it easy, a zen-like approach to my run and conjured up a flash of Bouv's famous grin when I started to get a little too cranky.

today's run:  2.8 miles
season mileage to date: 31.9 miles

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