Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 11: Feeling crunchy

Yesterday after my run, a few friends and I decided a hike was in order. I'm not entirely convinced it was the best idea for my legs but I survived even if my upper butt / hips are a little sort today.

We hit Temescal Canyon, going for the ridge trail which looked to be about 3 miles. You'd think I'd be an expert hiker by now but clearly not - we started around noon (too hot for canyon hiking then!), I forgot water so grabbed a bottle that had been sitting in Casey's car for who-knows-how-long (it was fine!) and my sneakers were not quite as supportive as they should have been. AND we forgot post-hike snacks. Fail!

But the hike itself was pretty if a bit dusty. The trail winds up and up until you get some nice ocean views.

I think you can keep winding up but we decided we'd had enough up and headed down into the canyon. When its not all droughty, there is apparently a waterfall, but we were just happy to have a little shade after all the climbing in the sun.

Anyway - it was enough uphill yesterday that my body was definitely feeling it when I headed out to run this morning. Not bad, but just a bit stiff and crunchy. But other than that, it was another beautiful, although misty, morning in Venice Beach for a run. My cardio felt even better today (read: less wheezing!) and it was a good way to kick off even this very short week.

Oh! And I started my fundraising last night - I'm sending letters in batches, starting with you guys from the past. Thanks to everyone who donated - $775 in one day is an excellent start!

today's run:  2.4 miles
season mileage to date: 18.7 miles

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