Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 14: Steely morning run

TFIG people!

Given Wednesday night's bad sleep I was exhausted last night and passed out at 10:30.

Despite a good, pretty long night's sleep, I woke up feeling sooooo damn tired. I stumbled around sleepily getting ready in the half-light, it taking me twice as long as normal.

When I finally started, running my legs felt like lead weights. Meh.

It was chilly and fogged in. Even though my legs were sluggish, throughout the run I noticed that my cardio is definitely getting better, I don't feel as wheezy as I have been. It's been two weeks since I started running again and I do think it's been the most gradual re-entry into running I've had, even as compared to the first marathon. Granted, for Phoenix we had a long-long training season - I think at least 6 full months between start and race. This season will only be 5 months, so I think will prove a bit more challenging, but with all the other health improvements since I moved, I also feel like I'm starting ahead.

Tomorrow is a rest day - see you on Sunday!

today's run:  2.5 miles
season mileage to date: 23.7 miles

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