Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 8

After a fun dinner with friends, I got up a little later and more dehydrated than planned, and decided coffee was going to take precedence over any running. I caught up on some back posts and before I knew it, noon had rolled around. Meh. It's pretty warm today, and I don't like running when its too warm and I thought of at least 10 other excuses of why I should postpone my run until tomorrow. But I talked myself out of it and headed out.

It was a pretty busy out on the boardwalk so I opted for a route that was a little longer than the usual and stayed primarily on the bike path to avoid the tourists that were on foot at least.

I tried to keep the pace easy going as I avoided bikers and other runners. I got a little tired at the end, and predicted I was running a little faster than normal and sure enough, when I got done, I was running around 10m37s miles.

Tomorrow's an off day - I might try to get to Bikram if the universe doesn't thwart me for the 4th time this week.

today's run:  2.6 miles
season mileage to date: 13.9 miles

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