Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 17: Portlandia

As expected Portlandia was a grey. It was not, however, as freezing as I expected so that was a bonus.

We had meetings all day then I made it into my running gear and out the door before my boss tempted me with Pok Pok chicken wings and a beer. 

I headed from the Ace to the river and it was actually pretty pleasant. I forgot that its really lovely to run when there is a little chill in the air. I mean sometimes I get that in Venice if it is really fogged in but its not a real chill. I used the bridges as my landmarks and quickly completed a 2.5 mile more or less down and back route.  It took me 29 minutes but I'm going to chalk that one up to lights and traffic.

By the time I got back, I had my first email of the season from the coaches, along with the schedule. I'm freaking out a little but that's for another post...practice starts Sunday!

today's run:  2.5 miles
season mileage to date: 29.1 miles

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