Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Day 26: A Monday in disguise

This morning was meh.

I've finally got the cold everyone's had or has. I'm still fighting the good fight but I woke up flemmy a bit congested. Gross. Then I didn't lay out my running stuff AND I can't find my stop watch anywhere. I spent an extra 10 minutes looking for it before I gave up and decided to carry my phone.  Annoying. 

The run was neither great nor bad - except for the part that I spit on myself instead of the ground. Was a pretty morning if a little chilly. 

I did 2.8 miles and emailed my coaches the distance and got an email back later today. Coach Emily thanked me for telling me about the stress fractures, and her email at least made me realize I'm not totally paranoid ;) Here's an excerpt:

"Stress fractures (though healed) are a very important thing for us to keep an on eye as you work toward Seattle. As I'm sure you know or have been told as you've dealt with them, they are an overuse injury. There are things that we can do to minimize the risk, and then there are things we just can't control - ie ... women are more prone to them than men. And people who have had them are more likely to get them again than people who never have had them. So, let's plan on controlling the things we can control (your training) to the best of our ability. The first thing I want to emphasize to you is that the first six weeks of the program are focused on injury prevention. This means very slowly building our mileage base. And, based on your comment about working on mastering your conversational pace, for you these first six weeks are going to be about SLOWING DOWN! :) For the next three weeks at least, I want you to run much slower than you have been. "

 So, yeah. Need to slow down a bit and I'm going to chat with her after tomorrow's practice about some daily leg strengthening exercises.

today's run:  2.8 miles
season mileage to date: 40.6 miles

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