Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 33: At dusk

I left Portland yesterday and brought a relapse or new breed of sickness back with me. I'm blaming my run in the rain - smart move given that I was just getting over the cold. Also what is with this winter? Everyone I know that has gotten sick just can't kick it - me included. And being sick makes me soooo whiny. I was extra so yesterday with the fever I had forcing me to miss practice.

Today I was feeling better tho so decided to head out for a run around sunset.

It was lovely and aside from the tickle in my throat the whole time, felt pretty good. It's really mild here and it was a very pretty sunset this evening.

Before I started my calf was still a bit sore from Tuesday but it actually loosened up as I ran and felt better than it did all day. I took a good long time stretching, watching the sun drop into the sea, glad I made it out.
I better kick this damn cold (again) fast.

today's run:  2.7 miles
season mileage to date: 53.3 miles

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