Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 76: Lead legs

This week has been a extremely stressful one and I've decided it's manifesting in my legs.

I took the day off to hang with my sister and her peeps today, but they were heading to Pop Physique later so I ran on my own, although later than I usually head out.

Our weekday runs are now 45 minutes, and I took off on my usual route down the pier then north on the bike path. It was a sunny, pretty morning and should have been the perfect morning for a run but my legs were NOT having it.

I can't blame the wine because I drank early and in moderation. Maybe I didn't have enough water before bed. I did have plenty of sleep - over 8 hours! But my legs felt like there were lead anvils strapped to them. Usually this gets better a mile or so in but not today. Today my legs were in a terrible mood and it made for the most unpleasant of runs, my cardio having to work harder (it seemed!) to keep my poorly behaving legs in line.

Maybe it was this article I read on California hippie energy work blah blah blah, but I suspect the stress surrounding me is weighing down my usually light and airy countenance. This weekend I've got to run 10-12 miles in a canyon so my mind and body better get with the program in the next 36 hours or so, or this is going to be brutal.

today's mileage: 4.2 miles
season mileage to date: 155.2 miles

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