Wednesday, March 28, 2007

just call me captain

it's official - i'll be fundraising captaining for fall. but! before you call me a total lunatic, i'm probably not going to be running. i might be running on my own, and i'll certainly go to practices and what not, but i'll just get to run for fun vs for training. i'll just be helping out with the fundraising aspect of things.

i'm not sure which event i will be working on (fall season is so big that each event will have a fundraising captain). there is a small chance that i will run the san fran 1/2 marathon, but for now i'm just going to play it by ear. with my luck, simply because i want to take a season off, i'll actually get in the ny marathon by the lottery...and then i'll have no choice but to run.

stay tuned...

1 comment:

beck said...

ok, i will place a bet on this one too... not only will you be running in the fall, but i will go so far as to predict it will be a full marathon!

let's make that bet 2 beers ;)