Thursday, March 01, 2007

bag watching is peligroso

so as i said, i had bag-watch duty last night. one might think this is the easiest thing in the world, but you try being one of two people checking in and checking out a 60+ runners eager to leave. with all the chatter, i'm quite certain people thought i was 1) partially deaf or 2) a little slow between the amount of times i either mis-heard someone's name or said "sorry, what?".

the other danger is the store-staff, wieldingly seemingly harmless coronas. i had seen an empty corona bottle before, so wasn't really surprised when the make-shift cooler came out. and you know i never turn down a beer...and sooo...ramon was kicking everyone's ass over there at the park. i thought they'd be done by 8ish, but it wasn't until after 8:30 and three beers later that people started coming back. so add those beers into that equation and i'm pretty sure everyone thought i was even ditsier than before.

and the last hurrah was a big group of us headed to brother jimmie's for some grub and pitchers. it was good to actually have time to talk to some of the participants, and i actually remember the names of the three girls the rookie and i were chatting with.

it was a successful night...until i realized when i got home that i had left the attendance sheets at the bar. (groan) luckily for me, i called the bar, told them where to look and they found them under the table - the sheets had slipped out of my bag. thank christ.

so cap, don't worry (but you are allowed to give me grief) - attendance will be done tomorrow after i retrieve the sheets from the ues.

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