Wednesday, February 28, 2007

spring is on the way.

thanks to my new bed, in which i sleep much better, i was actually be able to get up this morning for a morning run. we have practice tonight, but i am on bag watch so i basically take attendance and watch everyone's stuff. i am semi-disappointed because this week is cross-training, which i also missed last season because of vacation. i guess it's not meant to be.

anyway, it was nice out, about 36 degress, not windy. i headed out for my typical down to the manhattan bridge and back. when i started i was mildly displeased at the appearance of a few old friends - my shin splints. grrrr. i've learned though that they go away after a while so i tried not to think about it.

my only complaint about the run was the many trucks out on the route this morning. i almost got scrunched by one particularly large one. other than that, the weather was great, the run was great, and i was happy to make it out.

oh - here's the march schedule for the "advanced." 8-10 miles already. ~sigh~ this shouldn't make me nervous but it does. what if i'm the last person in? what if i can't hack it and have to be demoted to intermediate! what if i start getting knee pains again?

enough of that. let's just see what happens on saturday.

today's mileage: 4.5
season mileage to date: 27.5

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