Monday, February 05, 2007

new season...

i think i'm officially back from my bloggin' burn out. so hi! how have you been? miss me?

what have i been up to? well, frankly, relaxing and abusing my liver. trying to stay warm. learning the global warming presentation. but now, now it's time to start focusing on running again.

as fundraising captain for summer season, i have a few responsibilities. i need to lead the fundraising clinic, help folks with their fundraising letters, be generally encouraging and supportive, and am the designated "go-to" for all marathon runners that have fundraising questions or need advice.

i'm excited but of course a little nervous. remember how i was so competitive with my own fundraising? (ps, is fundraising two words? it looks funny that way. maybe fund-raising. hmmm. nope one is a.o.k. excellent). well, i'd love to have a really successful season. as much as i kicked ass at my own fundraising, this is an opportunity to make a huge difference by helping over 200 people or so exceed their fundraising goals for the lls. pressure!

by the way, it's also FREEZING. and i still don't have pants, which i better pick up before saturday, which is our first practice. for the first few practices we will run with our mentees. since i am a captain, i don't have specific mentees so i just plan on mom-ing them all.

now, i'm off to come up with a fundraising plan/timetable and some other materials...if you have any ideas go ahead and send them my way, otherwise, see you out there!

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