Thursday, February 08, 2007

the smell of fresh meat

so wednesday night was kick-off. 1st the larger season met - all the triathlons, marathons and bike rides for the larger rah rah rah. one of the honored teammates spoke - it was really inspiring as always, and there were a *ton* of people there.

then we had a smaller break-out, where i met the crew of new marathoners. i'd say about 95% of those who attended will be running their first marathon. you could feel the nerves in the air, and i couldn't help but remember our own kick-off, with charlotte & demps. it's weird that that chapter is over, and yet here i am, starting off again.

i didn't have to say much - was a cameo in a little fundraising skit, and announced the first fundraising competition to the marathon crew, so all else was nostalgia.

i'm really excited about starting to run again - i haven't since the marathon. i am *not* excited about the cold however. i have to get all geared-up - but there'll be another post about that.

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