Saturday, February 17, 2007

it's a hard knock life.

okay not really, but i'm in a whiny mood.

the short version of why is that all week we've been working really hard on a major project. i was at work late on wednesday, thursday and last night, last night i was there until 11:30. and to add insult to injury, i had a ticket to the mos def show at BAM. !agony! ~sigh~ etc.

so by the time i got to bed it was midnight. and i had to get up this morning and run. and i had to get up earlier because i didn't wash my hair yesterday and it was that gross. and i was on call to go back to work at 11 to finish up said project. whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiney roxie ensues! and i almost called in sick (yes mentees, even your mentors have days that they just don't feel like running).

but as always, once i was at the park (thanks to another mentor i got a ride - whoo hoo!) and the cold wore off, i was glad i went. running is such a stress relief, especially once you get past getting nervous about it. beginners were running 4, intermediates, 6 and advanced, 8. EIGHT? woah. even though i am technically advanced, my brain still screams beginner. luckily for me and my mood, i could run with the beginners guilt-free because this is still the time in the season where we are not so concerned with our own training as with the newbies.

the run was cake, which is a nice reminder that i am still in shape-ish even though my brain tells me otherwise. ran with some new peeps and then with sk8 for a while. one of the things i like about bringing people to tnt is that when you're running, you actually have qt with your friends twice a week. in a place like nyc, that is so so rare.

after the run, i called into work and disaster. all our work, or like 90% of it, was for nothing because of an error of a third-party company. so concert missed for nothing. work stress all week for nothing. and we get to work on monday. grrrr. good thing i like my job and this is a-typical.

better news was i didn't have to work *today*, so i was able to go to brunch with v & b's mentee groups. met some cool people and then met with the marathon coordinator to go over the stuff for the fundraising clinic that we're holding on tuesday.

i totally deserve a nap.

today's mileage: 4.0
season mileage to date: 7.3

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