Wednesday, February 21, 2007

fundraising clinition

so last night, in a land very far to the east (aka 70th street between york and the FDR) we conducted a fundraising clinic, to spread the fundraising love.

i think it was good - we reviewed how to set up a fundraising page, resources tnt has for its participants, the importance of having a fundraising plan and how to write a letter (both covered by yours truly). we had two breakout sessions, and as far as my area of the presentation goes, i did fine. the 2nd time was definitely better than the second, from a being-at-ease perspective.

once the season gets rolling, i'm really excited to see how successful we are as a season. in my head, we're going to be the most successful season yet...but you know how competitive i can be!

practice tonight, so more later. i'm going to train with the advanced folks, which is still laughable to me, but we'll see.

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