Wednesday, February 14, 2007

gross weather + clients = a good day to miss practice

so today our clients came in and ended up staying a bit late...until 7:30. which obviously meant that i missed practice. normally i would be all sorts of stressed about this, but given the snow/sleet mix, i can't say i was too upset about it.

i've got some running to do for sure. it's been a rough week as far as being busy and i've been fighting off some sort of icky-scratchy-throat thing. but if i get better shortly, no more no-running excuses. just cause i've got one marathon-that-didn't-kill-me under my belt doesn't mean i can afford to slack off!

as far as fundraising captain goes, i sent my first e-mail the other day. hopefully it wasn't too, um, perky? (by the way, hi to any tnt'ers out there!) tomorrow there is a social (anyone that is interested in signing up to run san diego, it's not too late! e-mail me and i'll let you know the details), then practice saturday.

it's all tnt all the time!

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