Monday, February 19, 2007

another day another run

i really need to get back in the habit of running (nearly) every day so yesterday i was determined to go running in the morning. plus it wasn't *that* cold out, so one must take advantage of such winter days.

much to her chagrin, i texted my sis at 9 am to see if she wanted to go running. no. i texted again. still no. one last heckle...and she changed her mind. ha. i win.

i got less bundled than saturday morning - i'm still trying to learn how many layers are right for this weather. i opted for a long-sleeve and then my wind-proof outer-layer since we were going to be on the east river and it can get tres windy over there. left the house, picked up sis who's just a few blocks away and headed eastward.

i guess it takes running with a beginner to realize that i've become, and still am, a stronger runner. i had to hold back a lot to stay on a pace where i wasn't driving k to run faster than she should be. i didn't mind forgoing pace for company, especially since i'll have plenty of runs on my own i'm sure.

we ran to the manhattan and back...towards the bridge it was definitely colder, and i could feel making my cheeks feel tight and my shoulders beginning to creep towards my ears. the instinct to scrunch up for warmth doesn't help running at all since all your energy is supposed to be saved for your legs.

it was a successful run...aside from a nagging knee pain again. i'm not going to lie, it makes me nervous considering 1) both handsome & drew's injuries last season and 2) that i didn't have any knee issues but i'm just going to keep an eye on it and see how it goes.

yesterday's mileage: 4.5
season mileage to date: 11.9

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