Thursday, February 22, 2007

remedial advanced

ah wednesday practice. oh how i didn't miss you.

wednesday, for all of you that don't remember, is drill night. we have various exercises to improve form, strength, speed, etc. since i missed the v-day practice last night was my first.

a new friend j (i'm working on a better nickname but i'm too lazy right now to be creative), who is potentially going from blog reader to runner, joined us last night for his first taste of tnt. sk8 was there too, and i met face to face a few of the new people that have been emailing me, which was nice.

so the beginners and intermediates were working on upper body, running a certain # of lamp-post lengths with various arm movements. since i have my arms down pat (or at least i like to think i do), i decided to have my first day with the advanced group. our work out was to run hard from 95 - 90th, then recover 90th to 85th, the run hard from 85th to 90th, and recover from 90th to 95th. repeat.

we all warmed up together, and i was running with j and sk8 when i saw the advanced group heading by, lead by our tallest, most runniest mentor. i kept up with them for oh, 30 seconds, when i realized yes, i might be advanced, but i am still not fast. i am officially the founding member of a new training group: the remedial advanced.

we all huffed and puffed along, no end in sight. we run until ramon says stop, and i was definitely getting a work out in (read: i was hurting). and finally...after what i think was about 8 lengths...we were done. ooooowe. j & sk8 both did well, even though they said they hated me during the run, but with each new recruit i'm getting used to the hate. it'll turn to love eventually.

today's mileage: 4.0*
season mileage to date: 15.0


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RockRunner said...

HATE? doubt it! good job yesterday and thanks for the pointers