Tuesday, March 27, 2007

roxie v treadmill: roxie 1, treadmill 2

finally, the treadmill didn't kick my ass.

nor did i do any ass-kicking, but i held my own, more or less. it still doesn't feel good - i feel like i run much harder on the treadmill. no, this doesn't make sense, but i do know my shin splints were killing me this morning. and i only did the bare minimum - 3 miles - before declaring myself done. but some is better than none, and if necessary i am ready to go into battle again.

then, feeling extra motivated, and having the potential company of my coworker & pal D (actually, we'll call her tri because she is also a fellow tnt-er training for the triathalon), i went to a 7 am yoga class this morning. the studio is very conveniently located at the end of my block, so i could pretty much roll out of bed and go.

i haven't been to a yoga class (a real one) in ages, so i was a little nervous about both my strength and flexibility. the class was only 6 people, which was great, and i actually felt like it was the perfect speed and difficulty level for both where i am and for 7 am. the class was an hour, and definitely got this gorgeous day of to a great start. i left feeling limber, and had a dumb "it's a beautiful day" grin on my face the whole bike ride to work.

and now that i've been so well behaved, anyone want to hit a garden for a beer or two after work today?

yesterday's mileage: 3.0
today's cross-training: yoga
mileage to date: 69.9

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