Monday, March 12, 2007

coney island cross-training

i usually try to run on sundays but yesterday, in a celebration of impending spring, daylight savings and shaking-off winter claustrophobia, we decided it was time for the first bike ride of the season.

i had to be at my pal euroskip's apt in the 'burg at 10:30, or around there. having closed out the bar (only because of daylight-savings, of course. the crif dog chaser...well there was no excuse for that), it was a little bit of a challenge. once i got outside though, i was happy i did.

after a few bike-issues, euroskip, sandman (gal) & i took off from the 'burg towards prospect park to pick up colindo (boy). it was so gorgeous out and it was so fantastic to be crusin' out on the bi-cycle again. i haven't been on a good bike ride in a long time, even pre-winter, and between zooming around and the spring fever, i was giddy and felt like i was 12 years old.

colindo was being a sleepy-head and was going to catch up with us, so we zipped through the park and on to coney island parkway, which is a straight shot to the beach. there was a little breeze and shiny sun and all we were missing was a boombox strapped to one of our bikes. the lights can be a little annoying on the parkway, but having a bike-lane makes it that much safer (esp. for us non-helmet-wearking rebels. i know, i know, but i like the wind in my hair. i'm not kidding).

colindo was not far behind, so we took some pics and locked up the bikes while we waited. it was measurably colder now, especially in the wind but still cold in the invigorating-sorta-way. a walk on the beach, a walk on the boardway, an italian sausage & a trip to the aquarium later, it was back to the bikes. we were going to originally take the train back, but then it took them all of two seconds to convince me to fight the cold and ride.

even with a headwind, it was still fun. i love the golden hour - just before sunset when everything looks a little celestial, so despite the cold it was quite enjoyable.

we finished off with hot drinks and a a little nosh back in park slope...yum.

miles biked: 19

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