Saturday, March 31, 2007

in the double digits

it's been kind of a long, busy week. thursday i stayed up too late. friday, sk8 had an extra ticket to bloc party, which was great (she also gets the superstar award for getting her, me & the rookie arcade fire tix for face value on craigslist - go sk8!). the only downside was that it was at a new venue way up on 175th and broadway, which is pretty much the other end of the earth from where i live. (well, if we're talking planet manhattan).

the venue and the show were fantastic - it was seated venue, which i like because i'm old now and i like my personal space. and unless there is some really wasted jackass near you, you're probably not going to get covered in someone else's beer or vodka tonic. the bands both rocked - it was the first rock show in the venue, which has recently been restored and is beautiful in that regal, old-school sort of way.

the show got out a little after 11, which i thought would put me in bed at my goal time of midnight. this of course, was not to be. the a train, when it arrived to 168th was 1) already butt-to-butt packed with hipsters, and 2) running local. bud light was in the air and everyone was a chatter. thank christ for my ipod, which kept me sane for the 142-block trip.

by the time i got home, i was aiming for in bed at 12:30 (plan was to get up at 6:15, eat cereal, then go back to bed until 7:30). except there was a beeping. it was 4 short beeps, 5 seconds apart...over and over and over again. i was beside myself not knowing how the hell i was going to possibly get to sleep. i thought at first it was from inside my apt, but no - it was coming from somewhere else. aaaaaaaaaargh. miraculously though, because it was a high-pitched noise i could muffle it by having my blanked up over my exposed ear (it's down) and so was more or less able to sleep.

at 8 rand picked me up (the rookie has moved north, and cap was on vacation) and headed up to the park. we had a time restriction this morning, had to be done by 10:30. i am officially behind the advanced schedule, which is like 13-15 miles. because of the time, and my not speedy pace, we decided to go do somewhere between 10 & 12.

it was nice out and the first full loop went relatively quickly chatting with the rookie, who was taking it "easy" (aka running slow with me) cause of quad muscle issues. we took a goo/block/water break, and then only had 45 minutes left, so decided it would be prudent to just do another 4. plus, we have the scotland run tomorrow which is a 10k, so we'd be getting some miles in then too.

when we got around the west side i saw a familiar looking figure walking north - demps! we chatted, i introduced him and the rookie, and then we had to press on. it gave me a little burst of energy, which i needed at that point - thanks handsome :) exchanging more stories, we completed our four, which felt pretty good. the brooklyn 1/2 marathon is coming up and i did not want to be struggling for that, and i know i could have done another three should it be called for.

look for me in my kilt tomorrow out with the scots...

today's mileage: 10.0
season mileage to date: 84.985.7*

*due to bad math on prospect park run - i only added the uphill repeat, not the downhill, which means an extra .8!

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