Tuesday, March 06, 2007

gym skippin'

i'll confess right now. it doesn't take much for me to skip the gym.

i hate the gym - at least for running. it's hot. and crowded. the people are annoying. the tvs are at bad angle's to the treadmills which result in an awkward crook in my neck (ps - you can keep the short jokes to yourself thank you very much). and most of all, i hate the treadmill. the treadmill is my enemy, my nemesis. i'd *almost* rather be tickle tortured than run on the treadmill. and yet despite all of this i was going to go to into battle with the treadmill last night. i was whining about it. it was cold and i was all set to go...and then i got side tracked.

instead i ended up having a few magic hats with a pal. magic hat is a vermont beer. i thought at least if i was going to drink instead of run...the beers would be from bouv's vermont.

okay, i know that is TOTALLY lame and does not make it "okay" but...but...at least my heart's in the right place?

miles run: 0
magic hat's consumed: 4
level of guilt (1-10): 7*

*would be an 8 if it were not for the vt beer

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