Monday, March 26, 2007


saturday night, my friend euroskip and i headed out for an evening of driving around the city. we volunteered for a group called rightrides. basically, they give gals a free & safe ride home on saturday nights (vs walking or taking the train home alone), and we were one of the three driving teams.

so we picked up our zip car around 11:30 then headed out and about the city, driving to-and-fro the city and various brooklyn hoods, picking up various gals and bringing them right to their front doors.

it was fun. euroskip and i have similar music tastes and had come prepared with tunes - our goal was not only to be efficient (read speedy) drivers but the driving team with the best music. it's also entertaining to out at 3:30 in the morning completely sober.

highlight of the night? driving across hudson, this girl starts puking out of the side of her cab. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewe. euro, ever the photographer, snapped a picture of the very unhappy looking girl and the sullied cab. good stuff.

i got to bed around 5:30, and needless to say, i was very very tired when my noisy neighbors woke me at 10 or so. i had a lot of fundraising captain stuff to do, as well as run (i was going to go for 8 miles). of course the day didn't go as planned.

i spent most of my morning going through our participants webpages, checking out who potentially needed a call. there are a lot of people so this process alone tooke me a good amount of the day. it was at this point that i got really exhausted and decided there would be no run. i departed the coffee shop for the comfort of sweat pants and the couch and made my calls.

the people i actually spoke to actually seemed to be glad i had called, and i was able to clear up some questions about recommitment and what not. everyone else...avoided my call. i now know what it feels like to be a telemarketer. i think most people avoided the unknown number that came up on their screens. ah well, at least i tried.

and the exhaustion of saturday night made me sleep like a log and not drag my butt out of bed this morning. so that guessed it. the treadmill. just a little longer and i might just be able to run outside even if i don't get out right at 6...

wish me luck.

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