Sunday, March 04, 2007

breakfast skippin'

yesterday was yet another gts (group training session) and ride-less this week, the rookie, cap and i decided to split a cab up to the park. we are oh so decadent.

it was a gorgeous morning - one of those that smells like spring and makes you want to go shopping for sundresses. the spring season was there, heading out for a long run, and i ran into coach christine! we both yelped and gave each other a big hug. she's not coaching our season because her baby is due the same day as san diego and she couldn't bear to train all of us and not see us cross the finish line.

mileage options for this week were:
beginners 4-6
intermediates 6-8
advanced 8-10

it was at this point of debating mileage that i remembered i didn't eat breakfast. argh. i don't always eat breakfast before the smaller runs, but another thing 6 and above, i at least like to have a little something in my tummy.

sk8 & the rookie were both going to do 6, which would have been the full loop, so i couldn't run with them because i wanted to do two middles. another mentor was debating if she was going to run with the advanced, but they are very very fast, and i knew that there was no way i was keeping up with that crew.

so i decided to wing it, and headed out with a group that was doing the 6 but i figured i'd split off. i didn't have my ipod so i was not thrilled with the prospect of running all those miles alone but one must do what one must do.

i ended up joining up with a smaller group of gals and shortly after, ramon came by on his bike and yelled "has she shown you the tattoo on her butt yet?" i glared at him jokingly and said he was killing my credibility. he grinned and kept going on about how i had already reached my minimum when i auctioned my butt off and he "didn't want to get x-rated, so ask her about the picture!" i'm going down in tnt history for sure.

so the gal i was running with ended up being a track gal - she used to do the triple jump and she was a sprinter. it was good to run with someone who pushed my speed a bit, but i was also conscious of holding her back. on the flip side, she actually said it was good for her to hold back because she is used to the shorter distances and was trying to pace herself.

between the 5th & 6th mile or so, we started talking about why we were doing the run and so i talked about bouv. it was right around the time i was starting to feel a little tired and hungry (and in my own head, whiny), but talking again about how this whole running madness began...well, i've got a bit of an angel on my shoulder to keep me at it.

it was the rookie's official practice, and he and beck both ran six miles and were looking a.o.k. afterwards. i ran off to have brunch with a few mentor groups, and it was good to meet some more teammates. one gal is going for $50,000!! awesome.

saturday's mileage: 8.0
season mileage to date: 35.5

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