Friday, December 22, 2006

and she just keeps running

i've unofficially lost my mind and decided to run in the san diego marathon with team in training.

in june.

before you panic, i'm going to be a mentor this time 'round, which means i'll pay my own way instead of fundraising. i could have opted to fundraise with a lower minimum, but i'm going to give you guys a rest until next year.

so i'll be guiding a flock of newbies through the process of training and fundraising, and i'm excited to explore this new speed of mine and see if its sustainable.

training starts feb 15th. who's comin' with me?


kat said...

jen, merry christmas! this event sounds fun. san diego is just a hop away from where i am. how do i sign up? - kat

roxie said...

awesome! well if you want to train with team in training, check out your local chapter site:

or if that's not it, just visit the main site

that would be so fun! =) i hope you had a merry christmas!

kat said...

jen, great, thanks for the link! i am mulling over this right now. it's a big commitment and so far, 5 miles is the longest i've run (the nike run hit remix where vanilla ice played, yeeeeeahhh!), so it's a bit daunting to think of 26. hell, lance armstrong had a hard time! anyways if i do it, i will let you know. :-) kat

roxie said...

awesome! definitely think about it, and try to go to one of the recruitment meetings - they answer a lot of questions.

i probably had less running experience than you when i started! so i'm a poster child for non-runners :)

let me know if you have questions.