Monday, December 04, 2006

done for the day...

with training that is.

i managed to drag my butt out of bed a little after 6 to go to a 6:30 spin class. as i hopped on my bike i almost immedialy got into an accident because hanging in front of me was the most gigantic moon i've ever seen. i really though i must have been seeing things or looking at a sign in the wrong way because...picture the biggest harvest moon you've seen, then quadruple it in size. gorgeous.

spin class was uneventful. i couldn't quite get into it because i don't really like the teacher or the music, which makes going all out more difficult. she's the kind of teacher that 1) plays a bad mix of club music, new madonna and random 80's songs and 2) says things like "yeah. almost there" and "push through it" in a complete monotone. a female ben stein. but i got a solid work out in, so i'm happy for having gotten up so early.

i think i'm going to have to hit paragon for some winter running supplies today. it's officially cold.

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