Thursday, December 28, 2006

semi-related craziness & some linkage

item one: "polar bearing"

i check my e-mail this morning to find an e-mail from ramon with "Polar Bearing!!!" as the subject. uh oh.

Definition of Polar Bearing: Art of going thru discomfort, pain and senseless massochism as a person submerges him/herself in a cool liquid.

Well, in this ocasion I hope the person is you, and the cool liquid will be the Atlantic Ocean.....

Hola, this is Ramon, your coach, inviting you for to a fun Polar Bear day!! Join me and other fun loving friends for a 3-5 seconds (or whatever you can handle) jump in the Atlantic Ocean as part of our annual Polar Bear.

Please reply to this e-mail if interested in this fun crazy way of starting the year. Last year we had about 14 people. If you think it is a crazy idea, many people think that doing a marathon is crazy and freaking hey.!!!! .. you are doing it !!!

Things to bring: Swimwear (this is a PG13 show), towel, warm clothing and your crazy fun energy !

your coach, the one with the accent !"

i'm not sure if he's crazier for suggesting it, or if i am crazier for actually thinking that this sounds kinda fun. i've realize that in my 30-year-old-year, i'm accomplishing all sorts of crazy, weird things...and maybe this should be one of them?

item 2: removable tattoo ink

a Concerned Friend sent along the following links with an offer to pay the difference in the cost of the ink.

what do you all think?

When love isn't forever — the removable tattoo

Freedom-2: Self-expression without Regret

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