Sunday, December 03, 2006

december training schedule

last month...eeeee! i am *determined* to stay exactly on schedule this month, at least in the sense of making sure i doing what's required. i'm telling you guys this so that i stick to it. that way if i don't, you can call me on it.

am going to switch the days around a bit though, because i've decided that i don't like to run the day after our really long runs. and schedule this week is going to go something like:

sunday: off
monday: cross-training (spin)
tuesday: 4-5 miles
wed: practice
thursday: 3-4 miles
friday: 5-6 miles
saturday: waiting for e-mail because i can't do the race on the schedule sunday, but probably 10-12 miles.

hopefully the weather will cooperate so i don't have to deal with the damn treadmill.

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