Tuesday, December 05, 2006

strike one


so i didn't run today. i walked 4 miles too and from work (at least), but i did not run. ~sigh~

when i got up in the morning, the tempurature was so cold that i knew i couldn't run outside. i haven't gotten to the store to get approapriate winter running gear. i don't even have "normal" gloves (i lost my one pair a month or so ago). i debated going to the gym, but then i would have been later than i wanted to be for work...so i decided i would go *after* work.

and we know how that turned out. aaaaaaaaak.

i didn't leave until a bit after 8:30 and i just couldn't do it. i had a huge headache and just, well, just couldn't. i just don't know how i can be so strong some days and such a wuss some others.

so notice the title of the post. three strikes and...what? what will be an appropriate dis-incentive to make sure i stay on schedule?! suggestions welcome in the comments.

tomorrow practice - 5 mile loop, but we're going to "race" it. i better run fast or i'm gonna freeze.

and in other news...i'm going to try to get the tattoo-auction going on monday!! so start spreading the word. there's nothing up yet...but my good pal euroskip bought www.bidonmybum.com - no, i'm not kidding. get those pay-pal accounts ready! =)

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Demps said...

3 strikes and you run the marathon with a NY Yankees logo on your personage. Sounds fair.