Thursday, December 07, 2006

"on a non business note"

well to our coach. aka, he's not talking about mileage or pacing or what to eat/not eat...

ramon's great.

I just want to make sure that you knnow how much the coaches appreciate everything you do, all your efforts fundraising, and for just being a great bunch, you are truly an inspiration and it is our pleasure and an honor having to 'deal' with you every wednesday and saturday (at least those that come to practice...hint, hint). We hope that your experience with TNT is being what you were promised and what you deserve. Sooner than you think you'll be at the starting line of your marathon or half marathon, once there look back and remember what got you there ! We can't wait to see you crossing the finish line, share tears of happiness and make fun of you as you walk 'funny' the day after,he,he, but mostly we can't wait to call you 'Freaking Marathoner or Freaking Half Marathoner'

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