Thursday, December 28, 2006

"you're gonna lose weight!"

time off is good.

i'm lucky enough to work at a company that closes between christmas and new years, which, aside from huge bonuses, is the best present a company can give its employees.

anyway, i did have to do a few things, and as you know, my connection at home has been spotty, so i went over to charlotte's apartment where she recently installed wireless. we drank cappuccinos and did our respective work with vh1's best year ever in the background.

i brought my running stuff so we could do the 4-5 miles and we were off.

on the way over to the east river, we had a bit of "street-running to do". running on the street unfortunately is fraught with cat-calls and the like, and today was no different. as we headed east on 23rd, weaving through the crowds, a little old man who i think had a walker, looked at us and accused: "you're gonna lose weight!". it was almost like when you're older relatives pinch you and say that you're getting too skinny, like loosing weight would be a bad thing.

i think it's my favorite street-comment ever.

today's mileage: 4.0
mileage to date: 328.4

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