Thursday, December 14, 2006

a long, long day (part 2)

yesterday ended with a terrible night’s sleep after i cried out all that writing. i had to be up early today because we had an all day meeting with ge. it wasn’t going to be a hard one, but all day client meetings are tiring. i was also really antsy about finding time to call home so i could say good bye to the grizz before my parents took her to the vet.

right around noon, we were taking a little break and i happened to check my cell phone to see if my mom called and there was a 615 area code on a call I had missed. i shrugged and after a few minutes, almost yelped out-loud! 615 = tennessee = al gore = climate change project!

remember how months ago i applied to be one of 1,000 people al would be training to give the presentation on global warming that he gives in an inconvenient truth? well, yesterday I found out that the owner of green team had been chosen and was i jealous. so today, when I realized tenneessee had been a’calling that my invite easily could have been lost with the job and apt change. i held my breath, checked my voicemail and sure enough – i was going to nashville.

it was all i could do not to jump up and down and run around the office. i was beaming! glowing! i im’d practically all my friends on line to tell them the news. it is such an opportunity and chance to spread what i think is the issue that needs to be tackled right now.

i realized i needed to call my mom to check on her and the cat. mom was crying because miss kitty wasn’t doing very well, and she was nervous grizz was going to get upset in the car. she kept talking to mom (yes, cats do talk) but wouldn’t eat and was barely even taking water. i was getting upset at work, and had to go back to the meeting so i told her i'd call back to have her put the phone over to the cat so i could say goodbye. i almost didn’t tell her about the training, but i thought it would cheer her up, and it did.

i was such a mixed-bag of emotions: sad, distracted, excited, happy, proud, guilty. what a mess.

around three there was another break so i called back and no one was picking up the cell. finally, i tried the house phone and got my mom, who burst into tears and said “she just died in my arms.”

i started crying, but i was really really happy that we didn’t have to take her to the vet. the little thing knew where she wanted to die and my mom loved her so much, it was time. my mom said that she had prayed that grizz would go at home. and if you know me, you know i'm not really religious. but today, well today, i think someone/something was looking out for us– thank you.

grizabella, you were a good, cuddly, lovable, sweet pal; a proud specimen of a cat, glamorous ‘til the end.

love you, kit-cat. our home isn’t going to be the same without you.

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