Thursday, December 21, 2006

another taste of fast

again, sorry my posts haven't been timely - i'm without connection at home, which is driving me a little crazy.

we had practice last night and still the (globally-warmed) weather has been in our favor, so i was sporting shorts, much to the wonder of my teammates and coaches. what! it's in the 40's, it's fine. anyway, no real assignment for the run - it was our choice of distance: and inner loop (4), and upper or a lower loop (5) or a full (6). i decided i would do 5 or 6 depending on how i was feeling so i headed north to the top of the park.

i don't know *what* has happened to me in the last week or so, but all my aches and pains and "crunchiness" is just not there lately and i was all speedy again. i decided i would push to maintain the speed and go for 5 miles since i would be working harder vs. a longer, more leisurely run.

by the time i got back down to 102nd on the west side i knew i was running around a 10 minute mile, even with the harlem hill thrown in there. fun!

i ran the 5 miles in 51m25s!! which is an average of 10m17s per mile. i don't know why or how i've improved so much over the last 2 weeks but it's really cool to see such improvement. the problem will be holding back - i can't run a marathon at that pace, or even close, but now that i've felt that sort of run, i can't help but want more...

which leads me to the fact that i'm completely nuts (you probably already realized this) and i'm considering signing up for san diego in june! don't worry though - i would apply to be a mentor, guiding all the newbies through the whole process and instead of fundraising, i would cover my expenses. training would start in mid-feb.

i'm not sure if it's wise, considering the climate project, but i don't think i'm ready to stop running. who knew this was going to be infectious?

after my run, i rewarded myself with a 1/2 a pastrami sandwich and a hot dog from katz deli with some friends...yum. only after a run could you eat that sort of meal completely guilt free!

yesterday's mileage: 5.0
total mileage: 307.5

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