Saturday, May 23, 2009

hot hot heat

i went to bed grumpily and got a good amount of sleep but still woke not feeling very...springy. it seemed to have cooled off as i walked up to the park, but i noticed that the head was definitely there when you were in the sun.

as i thought, we were supposed to run 6 miles. i decided i would do the 5 mile loop, and then depending on how i was feeling when i got back to the start, i'd perhaps tack on that last mile. it was a quiet weekend, with a lot of people being outside of town, and i decided to run solo since i feeling anti-social.

it wasn't as hot as it could be but it was still warm enough for me to have a semi-uncomfortable run (i can't even fathom running long in this heat!). the other thing is that the pollen was out in full force - so between the heat and the pollen, the breathing was a bit labored for sure.

i totally took off a bit too fast, which did not help me at the end. i was definitely done at mile 5, thankful for the bottle of water and the break. when i got back to the apartment, i had the scariest scary exercise face i have seen in while...i mean RED. wah wah wah. i think i am going to have to suck it up and get the ole water belt this season. i have not been awesome about hydrating in past seasons but i think running in the heat i'm going to have to be much much better, lest i get heat stroke and pass out or something embarrassing...

today's mileage:: 5.0
time run: 55 minutes
season mileage to date: 15.0

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