Thursday, May 14, 2009

out run the rain

i managed to climb out of bed on time and head out even though i was very very sleepy from a quick trip north for work. the clouds looked ominous, but i figured a little rain wouldn't melt me.

the run was good - i made a conscious effort to slow down a bit and i noticed the difference coming up the massive hill, where i wasn't quite so winded. i was glad i made it out because i'll be traveling again overseas friday night - tuesday, and not sure if i'll really get a run in while i'm in europe.

as i headed back out of the park and onto the street, light sprinkles of rain began to fall and i made it back home just in time.

today's mileage:: 3.5
time run: 36 minutes
season mileage to date: 10.0

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