Saturday, May 09, 2009

it's sticky!

our first practice of the season was at 10 today an it was grossssss. not gross because it was long or hard but gross because of the humidity.

as i ambled through the park entrance that is conveniently located a few mere blocks from my house, i spotted coach lisa who declared "well would you look at that. hello rox."

yes, people, i am back.

lisa's not coaching this season (sad face) but she is running new york city so she will be around, which i am glad of. i headed over to practice, and it being the first day, there were a number of announcements from the coaches, staff and their mothers. (kidding.) i looked around to see if i would have any partners in crime...but no. it looks like i am going to have to a) recruit or b) find new ones.

today's run was to be an easy 15 minutes out, and 15 minutes back. i figured i'd make it around 3 miles, maybe a little less given that we'd be running in a pack. i met a new girl and we chatted a bit. the run was not hard, but man was it thick. the humidity is palpable today, and you can feel it in your breathing and certainly when we stopped running and the sweating kicked it. blech.

i guess sticky hot runs are what this season has in store...

today's mileage:: 3.0
time run: 30 minutes
season mileage to date: 3.0

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