Sunday, May 10, 2009

cross training: a ride in the park

i admit right away that the impetus for this ride was more for the purpose of enjoying a beautiful day then hard core training - and it was lovely.

my friend Ab and i rode 2 glorious loops of prospect park on the bike today, for a grand total of 7 miles. not *so* impressive for a bike ride but 30 minutes exercising is 30 minutes and a huge improvement over my nil cross training in past seasons.

i just (like in the last 20 minutes) got my training schedule and was supposed to run today, vs cross train but that's fine because i can flip flop the days and run tomorrow morning.

here is what my schedule will look like this week:

i am following the intermediate training schedule which is defined by the ability to run 5 miles. i can do that. i'm really (despite the heat) going to try to push myself more athletically this season...we'll see where it takes me. i know i can do this marathon running thing so it begs the question...just how well can i do it?

i guess we shall find out.

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