Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26th Workout

Warm Up: All Levels easy pace from 9th street to the 1/2 mile mark, turn around at 1/2 mile and easy pace to 3/4 mile mark.

Technique Focus:
Posture- Arm swing

Workout: 20-30 minutes of running alternating between HIGH arm swing and easy "normal" running. We will do this by running a 1/4 mile "ON" focusing on HIGH arm swing and a 1/4 mile "OFF"- "normal" easy running (see posture review below).

Post run strength training & stretching (if weather is appropriate).

Posture Review:

a) Feet should be "straight" and pointed forward.
b) Keep your posture tall and upright.
c) Tighten lower abdominal muscles by performing an abdominal "crunch"- slight posterior pelvic tilt.
d) Swing your elbows to the rear…keeping them bent at a right angle. HIGH arm swing: for this exercise, allow your hands to come up towards your chest. A higher arm swing = a longer stride.
e) Head is up and looking in the same direction you are running (NOT looking down towards the ground or at your feet). Look forward in front of you approximately 10-20 meters.

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