Tuesday, May 19, 2009

back in the nyc

hola jentes!

i am just back from spain...as as my previous posts suggest there was no running to be done, except for the running that happened in our "studio" which was part of a museum, and it was HUGE.

the day of the shoot i was basically walking around, and running to and fro, for about 10 hours straight. fun but crazy. and my calves were and are most definitely feeling it. of course, i am a bit of an idiot when it comes to shoes at times and wore my flip-flops instead of something more solid/prudent. ah well.

so i'm back but exhausted and realistically speaking will not go for a run until thursday, unless i am super wide awake early tomorrow (which i may be if i am in fact jet lagged and not just overtired).

i also heard sad news today. ethan zohn (who you probably know from survivor fame) has been diagnosed with hodgkin's. i met ethan back in 2005 when we both participated in a smallish (people wise) bike ride from maryland to nyc to benefit one of the non-profits he worked with - new york scores (no, dirty people, not the strip club). new york scores focused on helping underprivileged kids from washington heights battle obesity through playing soccer and fight illiteracy through poetry. the organization was pretty cool, and both ethan and his girlfriend jenna were part of the ride.

ethan also works with one of my clients so i've run into him a few times recently and he is both charismatic and kind. he is definitely one of the good guys, and you can see that in his many ventures in the non-profit world. i will take a moment to virtually stomp my foot and declare: it's not fair.

while i certainly do not claim to know ethan well, my good thoughts are with him and his family, and will be running for him too.

and on that note: there are still tnt meetings coming up and you too can help fight leukemia & lymphoma.

the next one is:
wednesday, may 20th @ 6:30pm
TNT office, 475 Park Avenue South, 8th flr b/w 31st & 32nd

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