Saturday, May 30, 2009

a two-loop solo

today practice was happening at noon because the brooklyn half marathon (that i was originally going to try to run) was starting in the park. noon? all i could think was HOT. so i decided to go earlier and run by myself.

i'm easing up to the intermediate schedule since spain threw me off course a bit. we were supposed to run 7-8 miles, but since i just did 5 last week, i decided to do a tiny bit less and go for two loops of the park - 3.4 x 2 = 6.8 which is *almost* 7 (i rationalized). this season is so long i'm more worried about hurting myself by going to fast than taking a bit more time to get into the higher miles.

i did not manage to get to jack rabbit to get a fuel belt, so i was going to have to make due with the water fountains (or bubblers, as we say up in massachusetts). i knew where there were two that would be easy to access without having to run off course too far, and would keep an eye out for a few in between.

the park was crowded and again - the pollen was floating about like crazy. i think i have mild allergies, or at least when i run i feel very...thick? ick yeah i know that sounds gross but running, my friends, is kinda gross if you haven't noticed by now. the first loop i ran with traffic and it was relatively uneventful. i couldn't find my watch that morning so i had no idea what my pace was but since it was a longer run was simply trying to be prudent and not go too fast.

at the 1/2 way point, i turned around and went the other way...against traffic for a clockwise loop. because the path along the park is slightly sloped inwards its recommended that when doing multiple loops, you switch off direction so you're not always putting a strange strain on your inside leg. this was also good at first because 1) you get to run down the big steep hill which is like a vacation in the middle of the running and 2) avoiding everyone running and biking at you is like some sort of video game that distracts from the the leg pain.

but...the last bit of that opposite loop is a long windy hill that is, just simply a bitch of a hill. i'll take the steep one any day of this one. more than once i told myself it would be okay to walk...but then the stubborn side would give me a good kick in the ass and i managed to make it all the way up without stopping...and at the top of that long-ass hill, the finish was in sight so it was a victorious moment indeed. so in the end, i ran almost 7 and i'm feeling good and more than on track.

up for tomorrow: a EZ 30-40 minutes (i believe). enjoy the weekend people - its hot but lovely out there.

today's mileage: 6.8
time run: 75m *guestimated*
season mileage to date: 28.5

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