Sunday, January 21, 2007

saturday: wrap-up

people just kept speaking and sharing - and even when the stories were sad, overall it was really uplifting. drew was the final speaker, and he left us on a happy note. i was really proud of my crew.

we finished decorating our shirts, and then it was practically time for dinner. my family picked me and charlotte up and we headed out for more pasta. we had a great dinner, made a pit stop at walgreens for water, gatorade, and i scored a cheap sweatshirt to wear at the early part of the race.

then it was back to the the time we got back it was a little before 10 - yikes. we decided we would get up at 5 - we had to meet downstairs at 6:15, and the race started at 7:40. drew came over for a little bit, we gave him & demps 1/2 our case of water. drew had been debating on running the full marathon, even though his knee was questionable, but ultimately decided to stick with the half. i can't say that i knew how he felt, but i could imagine, and i didn't envy him.

the perfectionist in me was still working on my shirt and charlotte was planning her itunes mix (my ipod was not working, and so i wasn’t able to work on mine). we laid out our clothes, packed the clear bag we got at the expo, pinned numbers, attached chips to shoes, picked out goo’s, charged cameras, and finally got into bed. for how i was feeling at that here.

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