Friday, January 12, 2007

$$$$$ten. thousand. dollars - reached!$$$$$

we've done it! the last donation pushed the fund-raising total over the top, and we've raised over $10,000!!

i'm thrilled, honored, proud, thankful, humbled and excited to go into marathon day with that goal achieved.

what's more, i want to share something with you about the donations.

there was not one donation that was more than $250 dollars which is *amazing* to have raised so much with so many individual donations. when people hear the amount of money that's been raised, many say "wow, you must have got some thousand dollar donations, huh?"

nope, just a whole lot of people out there that care.

thank you everyone. here's one big stevie-like-grin comin' at you with love.

PS - i forgot to tell you that on friday, i got a call from one of the tnt organizers...i've been nominated by quite a few people to be "fund-raising captain" for summer season! i still need to see what that means as far as time, but i think it would be great to be able to use these skills to a good end...

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