Saturday, January 13, 2007

it all comes down to this

well everyone, it's been a long long long road. and tomorrow's the longest of all.

i'm no longer nervous, at least at the moment. i'm not sure if its bravery or what, but i think i'm more excited to get this thing started than anything else. and a true measure of this is that i think my ipod is broken and i'm still not freaking out.

today has been a blur of activities and emotions, and i can't quite express it yet, but i'll come back to today in a future post. for now, i'll leave you with a few...

the last group yorkers, originally from all over the country but new yorkers..."ms bum, you start the introductions"...a proud mom and dad...water and water and more water..."i have to go pee again"...cheerleaders and coaches and clapping and hollering us into the pasta party...a sea of i [heart] ny teeshirts..."does anyone in here think they're going to win? because if you do, you are in the wrong room."...bread, pasta, bread, salad, bread..."since its inception, team in training has raised over $700 million to fight blood related cancers"...a baby giggles and says 'daddy'..."we lost alli when she was 9 months old"...sharpies and white-out make for good arts and crafts, my singlet rocks...a team comes together...why we we've grown...some missed out on more than practice...almost everyone speaks...all my crew makes me proud...even the non-criers cry...i talk about bouv and and jeanne and his family and you all. and i thank them and you and the team for the chance for us to share something for bouv and everyone that has been touched by these and other cancers.

thank you.

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Mike said...

Best of luck.

I am training for Boston in 2007 (see

I've been working a bit on speed, mostly distance.